For those of you who do not know about Stefan & Kim.

Stefan & Kim´s performing life is a delightful mix of anniversaries, corporate events, weddings, galas, family parties, festivals, funerals, inaugurations. Sometimes we invite other artists to our show, sometimes we collaborate with Symphony Orchestras, sometimes we work together with choirs. But mostly, just Stefan & Kim!
The audience can be thousands, but just as well only 19 people, as it were when we performed for the Danish Queen in a castle in Denmark.

Mostly in Sweden, as the artists live here, but often abroad. Big stages, small stages, sometimes they even stand on the floor, because they love being close to You.
And yes, they´ve been to Vegas….and after one of the shows the artists went directly to a 50-year anniversary right in the middle of Småland – pretty typical Stefan & Kim

Stefan has the most distinguished voice, and Kim is playing the violin like nobody else. In addition to that we are playing the Guitar and the Piano and a lot of other instruments too.

The mix of music styles You´ve never heard, the music that You didn´t know You loved.
It´s beutiful, it´s ruff
It´s classical, it´s rock
It´s serious, and You´ll get many laughs

Most of the time Stefan & Kim bring Mr Frisk, One man band; he´s one of a kind! When they work together with a bigger band, he´s the bandmaster.







Kim is an outrageously talented, cross pollinating music maker!

Kim Strandberg

For no matter whether it’s the result of his flowing white mane or the way he handles violins and keyboards as if they were an extension of himself, his presence on stage provides an injection of energy well beyond the well-known.




A standing-firmly-with-both-feet-on-the-ground attitude singer!

Stefan Arwidson

For no matter whether you are attracted by his perfect pitch, his guitar playing, his smile, or the best-of-friends-feelings that he spreads so freely wherever he goes, one thing is certain: You are going to fall for this super guy. He can melt even a heart of stone with a single performance.