Welcome to the world of Stefan & Kim

In the middle of someting very strange, that we´ve never been through before! Right now producing music, film and stuff! Keep You updated on FB(Stefan & Kim) Instagram(stefankim2549)

On this site You´ll find all You need! Have a look around! See Ya soon!

500 Miles on a Friday afternoon!




“1 Song from the Balcony! Come join us by the canal and listen to one special song!” 

Keep You updated here and on FB.



“2020 is NOW!

Our new concept  for corporate event is rolling and it works so good on stage and for the audience, as well! Imagine yourself Showtime, Imagine Yourself Piano Bar, Imagine yourself Concert, Imagine Singalong! Everything all together and You have and you have a successful evening with Stefan & Kim “2020”!







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